Take your creative passion and turn it into a profitable business based on who you are at your core so that you can attract dream clients without the burnout.

Does any of this sound familiar?

 😤 Feeling frustrated because you don't know where to begin when it comes to designing your business to support you without draining all your energy. 

😩 Knowing that your services are greatly needed and that your ideal clients are out there, but you've tried every strategy under the sun and are still not seeing the results you hoped for...

🥺 The uncertainty about whether any of these strategies will even work for you in actually supporting the creative lifestyle you desire...

😢 Not wanting to remain stuck in your current situation only in order to make ends meet (not to mention how it's taking away all your time so you don't have any left to put into your true passion!)

😣 Feeling overworked and underpaid, and not sure if you’re ever going to be able to make a sustainable living from your creativity...

Well, my friend, if any of this resonates, you are in the right place.

And I am so glad you're here!

Look, I know exactly what you’re going through because I have been there myself, and I am here to tell you that there is a better way!

You don't have to stay overwhelmed, wondering how to build a business that actually supports YOU... I'm going to show you how you can tap into who you are at your core to equip yourself with liberating clarity.

You can have strategies that feel good, and a create a plan that will have you confidently embodying your brand in a way that feels authentic and fully aligned!

If you want to...

🌟 Feel confident and clear on how to tap into your human design to build a business with an authentic brand

🌟 Have an embodied marketing strategy that supports your desired life and business in flow.

🌟 Get aligned clients on repeat who can’t wait to work with you and who pay you on time for your service (yes, this is a real thing!)

🌟 Gain self-trust and self-awareness to cultivate the freedom to be creative in an authentic way, always attracting the right clients with ease

ACCELERATE IN ALIGNMENT just might be the solution you’ve been searching for!

This self-directed, on-demand program will take you from overwhelmed and stuck to confident and capable in your creative online business. 

Get the clarity you need to be able to create your dream business and lifestyle by design!

"The Accelerate in Alignment program was exactly what I needed."

“I came to Jess completely defeated and ready to walk away from my business. 

Her course is beautiful designed to break down the content into manageable thought provoking sections, each building on the next until you get to the end of the program and see the bigger picture she was leading you to. 

I walked away from the program with new energy and filled with ideas on branding my business to attract my dream clients! 
I’m actually excited about putting the necessary work into my business!"

Liz Czinge - Photographer

True story - I didn’t always have this much grounding happiness.

 In fact, my life looked completely different back in 2009. Before I boldly took a stand to redefine my life, on my own terms.

If you were to turn the clock back and have a peek into my life back then you would have seen a young woman so exhausted, depressed and barely hanging on. 

At the time, I was repeatedly clocking into an endless rhythm of working two full time jobs that didn’t fulfill me in the least.

One afternoon I collapsed at my kitchen table, and with my head hung low I sobbed at my reality. I wasn’t happy and for the first time, I admitted it out loud.

I dried my tears and put my life back together....

Right there at my table, I decided to dedicate myself to piecing my life together in a way that put my own happiness at the forefront of my everyday. And so I did.

The two weeks that followed changed my life forever.

I quit my job almost instantly, emptied my hard earned savings account to return to college to study photography full-time and hit the ground running toward building a successful life with my creative passion.

Traveling this path hasn’t always been easy, but it has always proven to be worth it. Because what hardship teaches us most is to value our capabilities.

Over a decade later I am happier, aligned and more successful than I ever dreamed possible for myself. 

This journey has equipped me with an overflowing toolbox of strategies and one heck of a master mindset to help my fellow creatives monetize their passion and build online businesses they feel really good about!

I will forever lead in a way that reminds us all that we are not our circumstances. We are all our possibilities!

I want you to have what I didn't...

I want you to have clarity and alignment in your business. 

I don't want you to keep spinning your wheels over all of the questions you have. 

I want you to find authenticity in your business and to discover the right clients that align with you are. 

I want you to have the mindset and confidence in putting your art out there in the world. 

I want you and your clients to value your work. 


To kick things off we're going to give you a chance to gain clarity around your desires and the BIG vision you hold for your life and your business. 


Intro to Human Design

Uncovering the 3 core pieces of your chart that will arm you with greater self-awareness and reveal how you have been designed to behave and make decisions - a crucial step in building an aligned business


Leverage Your Energy Blueprint 

In this module, you'll discover your unique productivity rhythm. We'll dig into how you can leverage your energy to create a business that supports you and the life you desire with ease.


Integrate & Create Foundations of a Magnetic Brand 

Learn effective branding to draw in soul aligned clients - the ones who will be so thrilled about hiring you, referring you and allowing you to truly live out this dream of having a thriving online business!


Gain Momentum with Embodied Marketing

This is when we start to compile strategies that will ensure you are attracting the right clients into your business in ways that feel good by being authentically YOU. 



You are going to finish this program off strong, determined, and with an unwavering belief in yourself, knowing that you deserve success! 

"Jess has equipped me with knowledge and material to not only keep my business moving forward, but also to keep growing my business."

"Taking this program was a great investment for myself and my business. As a newer business, it helped me gain clarity and get clear on the direction I want to take with it. 

These materials I am able to pull out at anytime, review, and be okay with changing goals or marketing items (to name a couple) to help align with my business. 

My biggest win with this program is being able to expand on my goals for my business and able to explore new ideas to help reach a wider audience without sacrificing my own services. 

I cannot wait to launch my new goals in 2021 and see my wellness based business grow and help others."

April Haggart - Wellness Coach




This 26 page, comprehensive, step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to manifest based upon your unique Human Design! 

So many people get this wrong. 

They get stuck repeating affirmations or stuck in something superficial that simply does not move the needle when it comes to attracting what they desire. 

The Aligned Manifestation Guide goes beyond the mainstream advice. It will ensure that you take all the proper steps to manifesting your desires with ease and alignment!


Here is what you get when you enroll:

Accelerate in Alignment Course Curriculum ($797 Value)

Resources, Workbooks & Tools ($397 Value)

Bonus! Manifestation Guide ($197 Value)

Total Value:  $1391

YOUR PRICE: $1391  3 payments of $179! 
Pay In Full for only $497 and save!

☑️  Any creative online entrepreneur who wants to build a effortless business that is aligned with who they really are deep down (photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, artisans, copywriters, creative virtual assistants, social media managers -- you all belong here.)

☑️ Creative service providers who are willing to be thoughtful and intentional about creating the business of their dreams by leveraging their mindset, cultivating self-awareness, and embracing their unique energetic blueprint. 

This program is not for...
Anyone who isn't willing to be open to exploring who they really are at their core.  Just like anything in life - you get out of the program what you put into it. 

"Jess's approach to guiding me to build a successful business hit on every facet: the practical, the financial, the visual and the spiritual!"

Jess was not only an amazing mentor who helped me dive deep into every layer of my business but was a warm, smart and compassionate woman! 

Her approach to guiding me to build a successful business hit on every facet: the practical, the financial, the visual and the spiritual! 

Jess was able to help me get clear on exactly what I wanted out of becoming a female entrepreneur and how to see that vision through.

She gave me indispensable insight and advise for my specific business that I will utilize for the rest of my professional life! 

Anya Monisoff - Etsy Shop Owner



I help overwhelmed, people-pleasing creatives attract dream clients to their business by leveraging their unique energetic blueprint. 

I used to be that photographer - the one who took any job that came my way. I did a little bit of everything, and was on the fast track to burnout.

What was supposed to be my passion-filled business started to feel more like a job than a dream…

It wasn't until I figured out how to look inward so that I could align my business with my true purpose that everything changed.

I got clarity on what parts of my work fueled me and who I enjoyed working with the most, and quickly became one of the most sought after wedding photographer in Niagara earning consistent 6-figures!

I’m not saying this to boast, I’m saying this to show you what is possible.

When you choose to become intentional and align with your deeper purpose, you can attract dream clients with ease who are happy to pay premium rates for your creative services.

I believe every creative soul deserves to have a sustainable business that supports the lifestyle you dream of, all while working with clients who light you up!

You CAN profit from your passion in a way that feels good, and 
I can’t wait to show you how when you join Accelerate in Alignment.

See you inside!

"I feel like I have the right tools that I need to move forward and the only thing really keeping me in my way is myself, which I am ready to work on."

"Jess has been so sweet and supportive. She gives that little extra push that I often need. 

I felt very lost in terms of what to do for social media and my website, and what my niche would be but now I have a much clearer direction for everything. 

I feel like I have the right tools that I need to move forward and the only thing really keeping me in my way is myself, which I am ready to work on."

Rebekah Melko - Photographer

"Luckily for me, this program was exactly what I needed to gain clarity on the path I need to take, as well as the proper steps to take to put my business plan into action."

"Going into the program, I felt at a disadvantage to the other participants, who already had established businesses, or set in stone what they were doing. For me, it was merely an idea. 

Luckily for me, this program was exactly what I needed to gain clarity on the path I need to take, as well as the proper steps to take to put my business plan into action. 

I was able to see where I needed to make some changes, and where I was on the right path on certain subjects. 

I love how the program is laid out, in an excellent way that works you through the acceleration and alignment that is so desperately needed when working as a business owner. 

Thank you to Jessica for keeping me on my toes, getting me to think, and most importantly to GROW through this whole process. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to be a business owner, or those who may need a refresh or restart to their journeys”

Chantelle Drolias - Self-Care Mentor

"While kind and supportive she does not sugar coat the hard work that needs to happen in order to grow a business."

Before beginning AIA I was so lost in my business. I had vague ideas about what I wanted my business to look like however no idea how to get there and even questioning if I had the ability or skill to move forward. Throughout the weeks I was guided and challenged to really outline what I wanted my business to be, look like and how I wanted it run.

Setting clear goals everything seemed to come into sharp focus. In four short weeks I changed the course of my business and I was able to identify my niche market and my ideal client. Learning how to talk to them, market to them and connect with them overall has been a game changer. While that part was amazing for me I have to say the biggest breakthrough came in the form of my mindset shift. Where there was once doubt and fear there is now a firm belief in both myself, my work and my business. This kind of confidence is noticeable to other people and has only helped further my business. 

I cannot say enough about Jess as a mentor! Kind, warm, welcoming and with a true passion for helping others the shines through every week. While kind and supportive she does not sugar coat the hard work that needs to happen in order to grow a business. It's real and truthful and hearing her personal stories about how she has gone through so many of the same challenges makes you feel not so alone in you journey. It truly feels great having her as an informative cheerleader/mentor.
Kara Rae - Photographer

I get it - this can feel scary...

Maybe you've purchased an online program that didn't deliver on its promise in the past. 

Well, you won't find that here. But no need to take my word for it. 

I believe so strongly in this program that I am doing something most mentors wouldn't dream of. 

I am offering you a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. 

Yep. If you can show me that you worked through all the modules and completed the exercises, and you still don't feel like you have the clarity and strategies you need to create your business by design, then simply send an email to hello@jesslittle.com for a full refund. 

Choose a payment option:

You are moments away from changing your life!


How long do I have to complete the program?
When you enroll in Accelerate in Alignment, you get lifetime access to the program instantly. 

This course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, but you can work through the modules on your own time and at your own pace - plus you'll get access to all future updates and added resources!

What if I don't have a business yet?

If you're brand new to online business, this program is a great way to start off on the right foot!

Likewise, even if you've been working at your creative hustle for years, you will find tremendous value in this program that applies to both your life and biz.
If I have questions or need clarification on any of the course content, who can I ask?
Hi! You may ask me! 

Feel free to send any questions that come up  for you as you work through the course materials.. Just shoot me an email at hello@jesslittle.com - I am here to support you. Let's do this!

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